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Informationen about the dog race "Rottweiler"

Origin of the Rottweiler

Dogs of this race were frequent in the area of the former Reichsstadt Rottweil located in southern germany in the middle ages and were therefore called Rottweiler. Rottweil had been a centre of cattle marketing. It had been the job of the Rottweiler dogs to protect cattle and sheep against robbery and beasts of prey when the cattle was brought to the Breisgau, Elsass and Neckar valley. For this task the dogs had to be both powerful, enduring and calm and smart - Characteristics the Rottweilers still have today.


Male Rottweiler reach up to 68 cm height with a weight of up to 50 kg, females are up to 63 cm high. Although the Rottweiler is a comparatively heavy and compact dog he is very powerful, agile and has endurance. The skin of the Rottweiler has short black hairs and shows red-brown signs at the cheek, mouth, eye-brows, below the tail, on the breast and at the feet which are called "Brand". Because of their character Rottweilers can be Protection dogs as well as family dogs.


The Rottweiler is a self-conscious dog with extraordinary power. Rottweiler therefore serve as tracker dogs or protections dogs for the police. Also for families a Rottweiler can be a true companion if he is raised well. The crucial point for a positive character of the Rottweiler ist a consequent , loving and occupying education of the dog.