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"Vom Nürnberger Land"

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About us

My father has been a enthusiastic dog-owner with a lot of experience in the breeding and education of german shepherds. He died in 1982 and I took over his dogs and continued his kennels with all the knowlegde and experience he had taught me. In 1992 I took an examination "Special knowledge for dog owners" with success. My engagement for the protection of dogs and other animals has been honoured by the city of Hersbruck with a medal.

In 1996 I discovered my passion for Rottweilers. Since 1996 I am a member of the german "Allgemeiner deutscher Rottweiler Klub" ADRK. Right now I have the bitches Dixi vom Haus Winter, Dascha vom Nürnberger Land in my kennels "Vom Nürnberger Land" (Nr. 2056).

My Motto for my dogs is: Good education, succes in life and competition!
An extensive consultation for future owners of my dogs is obligatory.

Thank you very much for your interest and enjoy yourselves with your new dog.

Fam. Alois Heider